Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Detects Before
An Infestation

Non-Toxic And

No Touch, No Escape

Field Case Studies

Infested Apartment in White Oak, OH

Over 2,000 bed bugs captured and colony population eliminated after several weeks of active trapping

Hotel Testing in Blue Ash, OH

Effective detection and capture of bed bugs even after multiple professional treatments with pesticide powders and sprays

Pest Control Field Trials in greater Cincinnati, OH

Successful capture vs. passive glue traps and active traps seen as good tool for professional arsenal

Vacant apartment during turnover in Amelia, OH

Capture after 9 professional treatments using several different chemical sprays

Overriding Natural Instincts

Glueboard Control (passive)

passive trap image Nymphs and young instars facing in random directions along the glue edge (blue line)

ClearVue Bed Bug Trap (active)

active trap image A wider range of bed bug stages facing into the trap have ignored their aversion to the glue to pursue the CO2 beacon


“I was very pleased that the ClearVue Bed Bug Traps immediately began to trap many bedbugs after placement near infested furniture. I would be interested in placing these products in all of our units.”

– Carl K., Property Manager in White Oak, OH

“Within half an hour of setting the initial traps, we had already captured one of the bed bugs inside one of the traps. It definitely draws them out of hiding and definitely captures them once they go inside the pyramid.”

– Stacey B., Property Manager in Amelia, OH

“From an Association meeting where you spoke, I received two of the bed bug traps. Maintenance has used one and found it effective.”

– John L., Property Manager in Cincinnati, OH

“This will be a quick check for me vs. destroying my house once a week to see if there’s any residue.”

– John L., Property Manager in Cincinnati, OH

Protect Your Family 24/7

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Our traps are pet-safe and people-friendly, providing the most effective detection and protection against the growing threat of bed bugs in the market today.

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"Bedbugs lurk in cracks and crevices and they've been living on human blood for centuries."

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